Lady Braunhill
Resource person for Africa
International Engineer and Senior Project manager.
Resident Ivory Coast
Telephone +22577734323
Mr. Emmanuel Agbor
Resource person for Norway
Humanist and member of SCINOR, NGO
Resident Norway
Telephone +4741171328
Mr. Elysee Yonta
Resource person for the USA
Humanist, businessman and manager.
Resident Connecticut
Telephone +14142040961
Jetske Voorneveld and Ayuk Aloysius Ekwele
Resource person for the Netherlands
Founders of Akwaman Streetwear NGO
Resident Amsterdam
Telephone +31611627588
Mr Steven Forsack
Resources person for the US
International system engineer
Resident Forth Worth, Texas
Telephone +(216)8543609
Mr. Fombat Forbah Dieudonne
Resources person for the UK
Jurist and International Lecturer.
Resident London
Telephone +447840133501
Mr. Lorater Nyohnji Ngenge
International Resource person for the Scandinavia
Resident Stockholm
Telephone +46703780514
Mrs. Ritah Kayjay-Pethan Egowan
Resource person for Sweden
Resident Sweden
Telephone +46736162889