Our Mission
“Nothing ever changes until a life is changed”
OUR MISSION is to inspire, empower, protect, defend and groom vulnerable persons of all works of life alongside minorities and the underprivileged, within the law, motivated by the truism that we, ‘the luckier’, did nothing too special which the have-nots didn’t do, to be who/what we currently are. It is therefore humanity’s responsibility to usher the less privileged “Across the gap” of need, in gratitude to the heavens for sparing us from such ordeals in love and respect for humanity. We hereby encourage all persons of goodwill to partner and/or support us in our endeavors, to permit us impact more and more lives, because living for others is a rule of nature. These and many more are the guiding principles on which we stand with the firm commitment to give in our all until there’s nothing left in us to offer to the vulnerable and underprivileged.

Inspired by LOVE for Humanity

Driven by the spirit of sacrifice and mindful of the need for selflessness, With a profound understanding of the sacredness of life; Guided by truth and justice, with a profound desire for a more equitable society, In firm belief that the world has all it takes to breach/erase the gap between the have-nots and the wealthy; The Ayah Foundation was born, decades ago, bringing together physical and moral persons of one mind at the service of humanity.