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Donate Now Using CashApp and Paypal

Now you can donate to support the refugees and IDPs in the North West and South West of Cameroon.  

CashApp: $AyahFoundation2019  

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We profoundly appreciate all kindhearted people around the world who are moved by love to donate to our humanitarian endeavors. However, owing to our core values enshrined in our constitution alongside the fact that the source of your money/donation matters to us, we do not accept and strongly discourage the following donations sources, to our humanitarian endeavors:

1. Donations from Governments that grossly violate/suppress human rights and liberties, alongside those that create the problems/consequences we look out to curb/solve.

 2. Donations resulting from any manner of crime activity as well as those from partners/advocates of the same.

 3. Donations from advocates, believers in, and/or practitioners of same sex marriages and/or homosexuality.

 4. Donations conditioned on a change/shift of/from our core values.

 5. Donations from individuals/organizations/governments whose activities are in direct conflict with ours and/or limit our ability to effectively carryout our humanitarian work.

 6. Donations resulting from all manner of immorality such as prostitution alongside its advocate and protagonists.

 The AIF doesn’t CONSCIOUSLY/WILLINGLY accept funds from these sources and strongly discourages the same from funding its humanitarian endeavors, as the above mentioned sources seriously conflict with its core values.

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Tel: 2146419022



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Mobile Money Transfer

If you are in Cameroon, you can donate to the Ayah Foundation via Mobile Money 


Orange: 69 39 39 559

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