Give a bit. Change a lot

Give a bit. Change a lot. Donate Now Using CashApp and PaypalNow you can donate to support the refugees and IDPs in the North West and South West of Cameroon.  CashApp: $AyahFoundation2019  Tel: 2146419022 Email: Paypal: DONATIONS...

Ayah Foundation 

All lives have equal value

 The Ayah Foundation is a Humanitarian Organization, WITH NEITHER POLITICAL NOR RELIGIOUS AFFILIATIONS, committed to preserving and/or improving the lives of vulnerable persons around the world. It began with a solo drive to improve on the lives of orphans but later grew into a foundation committed to taking underprivileged people ‘Across the gap’ of want, to the realization of their full potentials. Our vision is to reach out both to the needy and poor around the world as well as to salvage lives of victims that have no other last resort.

Inspired by LOVE for Humanity  

 Motivated by the fact that Nothing truly happens unless a life is changed, we build partnerships with the willing, NGO’s, governments, businesses and other organizations/associations, to facilitate our goal to find lasting solutions to awkward situations, in order to transform lives and communities from what they currently are to what they could become tomorrow.

Money raised by our foundation is used directly to impact on the lives of vulnerable persons, through volunteers and experts. When supporting other philanthropic endeavors, programs and projects developed by potential partners are financed directly. We are guided in our vision by this truism: Empowerment is liberating and life changing.