The Ayah Foundation

The Ayah Foundation is a Humanitarian Organization, WITH NEITHER POLITICAL NOR RELIGIOUS AFFILIATIONS, committed to preserving and/or improving the lives of vulnerable persons around the world. It began with a solo drive to improve on the lives of orphans but later grew into a foundation committed to taking underprivileged people ‘Across the gap’ of want, to the realization of their full potentials. Our vision is to reach out both to the needy and poor around the world as well as to salvage lives of victims that have no other last resort.


Saint Valentine’s Orphanage

The first of the Foundation’s agencies, Saint Valentine’s Orphanage, founded by the Ayah’s, dates as far back as 1989, through which scores of orphan kids have successfully been groomed. The Orphanage consists of two branches: The boys Orphanage situated at Governors’ street Buea-Town; and the girls’ dormitory in Akwaya town. As of this day, several milestones have been registered by this initiative, several of whom are university graduates. Today, the boys’ dormitory houses over 20 inmates while the girls’ dormitory harbors over double that figure, although all Akwaya inmates are currently refugees in Nigeria owing to the current ‘anglophone’ crisis.

The Reality Of Suffering Kids In Akwaya

In the late 90’, the Ayah’s, struck by the hardship of vulnerable people in the Anglophone regions of the country, and founded PROPS Cameroon, which for over the years has been an integral part of the lives of several underprivileged persons, especially rural women and peasants. As of today, so humbling but great is our pride to see our efforts yielding fruits as several benefactors of this initiative can now fend for themselves from humble beginnings.


Mr And Mrs Ayah Paul; Pioneer Founders Of St. Valentine’s Orphanage With Fr. John Molenaar

At the wake of the year 2000, the suffering of the indigenes of Manyu Division was tears-provoking, with Akwaya Sub-Division being a special case. There was need to bring the people together under a legalize umbrella in order to harmonize resources to foster community development. As a result, the Ayah Family formed the TOOLS and TOILS CIG, which till date empowers agricultural men and especially women in the said area, thereby rendering them autonomous. Other CIGs like VAYAM and IMUH … IMOR with the same objectives followed suit.

USTICE4ALL Association In Defence Of The Voiceless

Then came the legal branch of the Ayah Foundation with the birth of JUSTICE4ALL association, which defends, protects and counsels voiceless victims in the face of aggression. As of this day, it has scored resounding achievements in helping the law to be applied as it is and ought to be in line with the spirit of the law. Its services are free with more complicated cases recommended to partners and lovers of justice under the supervision of the association.


Ayah With Young Hans whose Hand Was Amputated In November 2017

About a decade ago, Ayah Ayah Abine, Managing Director and Overseer of St Valentine’s Orphanage, PROPS CAMEROON, JUSTICE4ALL, TOOLS and TOILS, etc, found it necessary to enlarge the scope of the decade-long Humanitarian activities of the Ayah’s by founding the Ayah Foundation. The Foundation brings together all the existing abovementioned moral persons the family founded and runs over the years and counting, as well as expands its scope to all vulnerable persons including the underprivileged and minorities. It meets the needy and have-nots at their doorstep with much needed relief to the best of its ability.

Mr President Alongside Some Members And Volunteers Of The Foundation

In this regard, the sick, lame, maimed, displaced/refugees, poor, physically challenged and all manner of needy persons are all actual and/or potential benefactors to our initiatives. So great is our joy and so profound is our resolve to get individuals ‘Across the gap’ that separates them from a more appealing life.